Elements included in “A List of Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy”

Over on 49th Shelf, Kiley Turner posted the list below.

“Getting Weird: A List of Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy”

I’m so thrilled that my collection of short fiction is included with so many fabulous books, written by so many talented friends and colleagues.

What’s even more exciting is that “Elements” is FIRST on the list.

So proud and humbled right now.

THE PLAN – AKA 2016 Writing Resolutions

At the beginning of 2015 my writing resolutions were:

1. Create a writing plan, and execute the plan to meet my word goals for the 3XN novels.

I have been focusing on this task, first and foremost. Hellmaw: Your World is Doomed launched on October 31, 2015 from Onder Librum and I can now talk freely about this project. I’m writing a trilogy in Hellmaw, called The Dagger of Sacrados  Trilogy. The first book, … Continue reading

Another NaNoWriMo WIN!

The title says it all.

Since 2005, I’ve done NaNoWriMo (AKA National Novel Writing Month) nine times, skipping years 2006 and 2009. Of those 9 attempts, I’ve won 8 times, and lost once (writing just over 31000 words in 2014).

Because I love math (I have a degree in mathematics) I needed to summarize my participation with a whole pile of statistics.

First, a chart that summarizes the total number of words I wrote during each … Continue reading