Elements included in “A List of Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy”

Over on 49th Shelf, Kiley Turner posted the list below.

“Getting Weird: A List of Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy”

I’m so thrilled that my collection of short fiction is included with so many fabulous books, written by so many talented friends and colleagues.

What’s even more exciting is that “Elements” is FIRST on the list.

So proud and humbled right now.

Musings by a Phoenix Currently Made of Ash

I’ve undergone some drastic personal renovations of late. Like the mythic phoenix, (remember Fawkes in the Harry Potter books) I have burst into flames, reduced to a pile of ashes.

Unlike Fawkes’ miraculous rebirth, mine has been much slower. And on so many different, interconnected fronts.

Physical Change

On the last weekend of September, 2014, I tore the meniscus (in two places) in my right knee. After thousands of dollars of physiotherapy, an MRI, a family doctor who … Continue reading

Thoughts on Fan Expo 2015

For the first time in almost a decade, I didn’t attend DragonCon this year. Mostly because I couldn’t book a room at the Hyatt. Partly because of my knee injury/surgery/recovery.

Instead I attended Fan Expo in Toronto. This was the first time I embraced FanExpo in its entirety, renting a hotel, working at the HWA booth, speaking on multiple panels, the whole nine yards. In the past, the most I’ve done is drop by … Continue reading