Table of Contents for Elements

Here’s the Table of Contents for Elements

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Introduction “What Becomes a Legend Most” by Sandra Kasturi

Originally appeared in On Spec, Volume 20, Number 4, #75

The Wind and the Sky
Originally appeared in Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine, Issue 5

March of the Forgotten
New to the collection

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Book tour for Elements

Elements will be released on April 1st (YES it’s April Fools’ Day and NO it’s not a joke!)

I’ll be busy in the month of April, promoting the book in four different cities!

Saturday, April 5th, 9:00 PM at Ad Astra convention.
Sheraton Parkway North, 600 Highway-7 East, Richmond Hill, Ontario
–Tentatively scheduled for room 1086–

The big launch PARTY! If you’re planning on attending the convention, please drop by and celebrate.

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Ad Astra Convention is THIS WEEKEND!!
…so my blogging and posting might be a little on the light side. I’ll be tweeting as long as my phone battery holds out.

I learned (from a reliable source at the convention hotel last night) that the ELEMENTS/MILKMAN launch will not be in room 1086. But it will be somewhere on the 10th floor. Follow the signs and the noise. I’m sure you’ll find us since we’ll be the ones … Continue reading