Writing Tips

In 2012, Suzanne blogged one writing tip each week. Many include “Do it now” exercises. Enjoy!

Nuts and Bolts

The Long and Slow Trudge Through the Middle
Elusive Endings
Twisting and Turning
Character Description
Character Traits and Consistency
Editing Part One – 10 Point Checklist
Editing Part Two – Dialogue
Time as the Healer of All Slights
Using the Five Senses
Point of View (POV) Part One – Definitions
Point of View (POV) Part Two – Examples
Finding Your Voice
Following the Rules
Breaking the Rules
Comedy Is Hard
Critiques Part One – The What
Critiques Part Two – The Stop-Watch is Your Friend
Rejection: The Necessary Evil


Ten Reasons Why I Hate Novel Submissions
The Query Letter
The Synopsis
NaNoWriMo: A Primer

Tools of the Trade

Submission Trackers
Market Listings
The Blog as a Promotional Tool
Writers’ Groups
Collaboration: Salvation or Torture?
Plot Noodling
Writing on the Run
Living in the Shrubs
Saying No

Motivation and Inspiration

Writing Resolutions
Establishing the Habit
Quarterly Tune-Ups
Back To School Touchstone
Recommended Books on Writing
Reading Is as Writing Does
Caring for Your Instrument
Mowing the Lawn
Music and the Writer
Five Ways to Write During the Holidays

The Business Side

Shamesless Self Promotion
Chapbooks as Self-Promotional Tools
Reading Aloud With Impact
Tax Tips for the Working Writer
Using Polls

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