Book Recommendation “Jason Priestley: A Memoir”

I had planned on writing the next 2K words on the current fantasy work-in-progress. But then I got sidetracked.

Later today, I plan on attending a book launch appearance by Jason Priestly at the Indigo in the Eaton Centre in Toronto.

The event site clearly states that attendees must show proof that they’ve purchased his new book to be admitted.

So I decided to head to the Starbucks in Indigo and work there. I’d be close to the event, and I could buy the book early. Because hey, I’m a writer and we should buy books right?

Except I’ve been watching my pennies of late, so I wanted to be sure before pulling out my credit card that the book was worth reading.

I grabbed a copy of the book, scored a chair, and sat down to read the first few pages, maybe the first chapter, to get a feel for the book.

Well about fifteen minutes ago I finished the book.

It’s very well written, his recollections are interesting, and I thoroughly devoured the book.

If you’ve followed Priestly’s career at all (as an actor, producer, director, etc) then you will most likely enjoy the book. So go buy it. I even included the link for your convenience.

If you think I’m wrong and you’re mad that you wasted your pennies, feel free to slam me in the comments.