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Hello fans and friends! Hellmaw: Soul Larcenist is eligible to be nominated for an Aurora Award, an annual Canadian Science Fiction/Fantasy award. The category of eligibility for the book is: “2016 – Best Novel – English” There are 2 reviews of Hellmaw: Soul Larcenist at the bottom of the book’s Amazon page, just click here […]


2015 Award Season

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If you’re thinking of nominating Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction  or one of the stories in the collection, Suzanne would be grateful. Click here for details about the awards, nomination eligibility, deadlines, and links to reading lists.


If you’re in the middle of your summer reading, remember that two of the Stop-Watch Gang members have short stories on the final ballot for the Aurora Awards. If you pay the small fee to join CSFFA, you’ll have access to the voters’ package which includes free samples of all of the nominated works. Voting […]

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