It’s Time to Nominate for the Aurora Awards

Hello fans and friends!

I published 2 short stories this year which are also eligible to be nominated. Their category of eligibility is: “2016 – Best Short Fiction – English”

The stories are:

“Lost Flesh” which appeared in the anthology Lazarus Risen, Edited by Hayden Trenholm and Michael Rimar, Bundoran Press, Nov 2016.


“Dallas’s Booth” which appeared in the anthology Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts, Edited by Susan Forest and Lucas K. Law, Laksa Media Groups Inc., August 2016.

We authors find it difficult to choose a “favourite” story, but if cornered I would suggest “Lost Flesh”. Unfortunately, I am unable to place a free story on my website this year.

Anyone who is either a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen can submit a nomination form for the Aurora Awards. You may select up to 3 nominees in each category. All selections will be given equal weight.

The CSFFA charges a membership fee ($10) to nominate OR to vote. Everyone who becomes a member will be emailed a packet of the five finalists in each category, (once they’re chosen) so you’re essentially getting many books for $10!

The top five works in each category with the most nominations will be placed on the final ballot.

All nominations, on-line or mail-in, must be received by 11:59PM ET May 6th, 2017.

Thank you for your consideration…Suzanne

My Report on Limestone Genre Expo

On July 23rd and 24th, I visited the beautiful city of Kingston, Ontario for Limestone Genre Expo. (@limestonegenre on Twitter)

The first iteration happened last year, as a one-day event. This year, the organizers doubled down, making it a two-day event.

I hunkered down in the Dealers’ Room for most of the event, so I can’t say that I caught all the panel action, but here’s what the schedule had to offer:

Packed rooms of enthusiastic attendees listened and participated in topics from “Queering the Fantastic” to the Evolution of the Young Adult Market to “The Feminist Journey in Genre Fiction”.

Robert Runte from Five Rivers Publishing generously offered an hour for authors to pitch their works — a highlight of the event for many.

Readings were scheduled on both days, featuring Guests of Honour David Nickle and Vicki Delany, as well as authors Nancy Baker, Rob Brunet, Alyssa Cooper, Kit Daven, Janet Kellough, Tara Wyatt, and Marie Bilodeau.

The following workshops offered varied seminars on the craft of writing:

Guest of Honour Nina Munteanu taught The Ecology of World Building
Derek Newman-Stille taught Writing the Senses
Rob Brunet taught Setting as Character
Mary Sullivan and Ann Lethbridge taught How to Write Romance Novels and Find Your Market

I intend to keep this convention on my radar from now on, especially considering my newly-formed Kingston connection.

THE PLAN – AKA 2016 Writing Resolutions

At the beginning of 2015 my writing resolutions were:

1. Create a writing plan, and execute the plan to meet my word goals for the 3XN novels.

I have been focusing on this task, first and foremost.

2. Edit and submit to market ALL of the new short stories from 2014.

A summary of the state of my 2014 short stories:
“Black is the Source of Her Smithing” – has 4 more rejections, bringing the total to 6 and is out at a market right now.
“Beneath a Cloak of Fear” – has 2 rejections. Since it’s not genre, I haven’t been as aggressively marketing this one.
“Papa and the Steam Rifle” – I sent this story to its intended market. They asked for edits but I didn’t have the time for them. So my Stop-Watch Gang colleague, Stephen Kotowych made the edits and it’s now being marketed as a collaboration. So far, mostly thanks to Steve’s enthusiasm, it has 10 rejections and is out at a market right now.
“Mr. Ice” – I changed the name of this one, sent it to its intended market, and it was rejected. I’m not much of a superhero author, so this one likely will never be submitted again.

3. Write, edit, and submit to market at least 1 ADDITIONAL short story, adding to the requirement as I’m invited to anthologies.

Done! I wrote “Slaughter-Greedy” for an invitation anthology.
I wrote about half of “Proof of Love” for another invitation anthology, and hope I can squeeze the time to complete it in early 2016.

4. Pursue grants in the spring and fall.

Epic fail. I did not submit any grant proposals in 2015.

5. Aim for the sub-a-week challenge with my existing inventory, but allow for a low goal of 30 submissions when the 3XN work takes priority.

Done! I made 56 submissions in 2015, including delivering 3X1 as well as submitting the galley proofs.

6. Use National Novel Writing Month to sprint for the final 3XN goals of the year.

Done! This year, I spent most of November behind the goal line, but hit 50,000 words with one day to spare. I now have about 35,000 words to go on 3X2. I posted a very math-intensive summary of NaNoWriMo activities year-by-year.

7. Write a minimum of 300 NEW words every day.

Epic fail. I fell off this bandwagon after my knee surgery in April and never climbed back on.

8. Do my best to get ELEMENTS on ballots during award season.

Done! Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction  was nominated in the Best Related Work category of the Aurora Awards and two of its stories, “Soul-Hungry” and “Jelly and the D-Machine” were nominated in the Best Short Fiction category. Although I didn’t win, “Jelly and the D-Machine” was included in 2 best-of anthologies:

Year’s Best YA Speculative Fiction 2014  from Twelfth Planet Press and
Imaginarium 4  from ChiZine Publications.

This year I sold one new short story, The Patent Bagger to AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, Issue #20, Fall 2015.

I sold 3 reprints – the two sales of Jelly to the best-of anthos above, plus “Free Range” to the brand new magazine The Singularity.

What else happened in 2015?

I had knee surgery at the end of April. The surgeon repaired two meniscal tears, one below the kneecap and one above. He also “cleaned up” the underside of the kneecap. I didn’t get back to “normal” — I still use my cane to walk, but the pain is better than before the surgery and I’ve made a conscious decision to not return to physiotherapy. I posted more details about the knee on my Phoenix post.

That leads me to my writing resolutions for 2016:

1. Accomplish “THE PLAN” to complete my 3XN goals.
2. Finish “Proof of Love” and submit, if time permits.
3. Pursue grants in the spring or fall.
4. Aim for the sub-a-week challenge with my existing inventory, but allow for a low goal of 30 submissions considering the tight deadlines of THE PLAN.
5. Treat every month like it’s NaNoWriMo, especially JAN, FEB, MAR, MAY, and JUN.

I’ve spent enough time on these resolutions. It’s time to start writing…

Another NaNoWriMo WIN!

The title says it all.

Since 2005, I’ve done NaNoWriMo (AKA National Novel Writing Month) nine times, skipping years 2006 and 2009. Of those 9 attempts, I’ve won 8 times, and lost once (writing just over 31000 words in 2014).

Because I love math (I have a degree in mathematics) I needed to summarize my participation with a whole pile of statistics.

First, a chart that summarizes the total number of words I wrote during each participating November.

NaNo yr9 totals chart (2)

Notice that in 2013 I wrote WAY MORE than 50,000 words. That was the year I rented a cottage for a week for a solo writing retreat, during which I wrote 40,482 words in 6 days.

Next, I give you two charts for 2015!

First, my daily word counts for 2015 (note I excluded the days I didn’t write any words at all).

NaNo yr9 table 2

And second, my word count highs and lows for 2015:

NaNo yr9 table1

Also, because I was curious and because I am THAT much of a mathie, I analyzed my productivity week-by-week, and compared that productivity on a year-by-year basis, all summarized in this chart:

NaNo yr9 byweek

As you can see, this year I had a great start and then fell apart in the second week, forcing me to work extra hard in the second half of November to catch up and win.

Musings by a Phoenix Currently Made of Ash

I’ve undergone some drastic personal renovations of late. Like the mythic phoenix, (remember Fawkes in the Harry Potter books) I have burst into flames, reduced to a pile of ashes.

Unlike Fawkes’ miraculous rebirth, mine has been much slower. And on so many different, interconnected fronts.

Physical Change

On the last weekend of September, 2014, I tore the meniscus (in two places) in my right knee. After thousands of dollars of physiotherapy, an MRI, a family doctor who referred me to a sports medicine doctor, who referred me to a surgeon, I had orthoscopic surgery to repair the tears. More physiotherapy and I was ALMOST “better”. The better was an illusion though, and soon I found myself relying on the cane again.

I’ve come to the emotional conclusion that I will never be “better” in the true sense of the word. The cane will be a permanent accessory. My blue parking pass might need to be renewed when the expiry date approaches. My days of being completely and utterly self-sufficient are over.

Lack of self-sufficiency is probably the most difficult piece with respect to my physical changes. I like doing things myself. I like being capable of mowing my own lawn, shoveling my own driveway, and cleaning my own house. Sure I don’t exactly ENJOY doing these tasks, but NOT being able to do them is way, way worse. Not being “able” means pestering my kids to help. Or, alternatively, paying strangers to do the work. These financial and emotional costs are difficult to bear.

I also had a milestone birthday this year. My age once again ends in a zero. And I have to say that meeting this particular birthday with a cane in my hand is a nasty harbinger for my future. I’m not sure if, or when, I will ever completely come to terms with this new, older, “broken” me.

Ultimately, I want to re-introduce exercise into my life. Every day I don’t use my exercise bike and turn my back on my physiotherapy exercises, I know I’m doing myself a disservice and my mood will be all the grumpier because of it. But after a year of physio, I need to step away from it, at least until the thought of doing these exercises feels less ugly.

Relational Change

My relationship metamorphosis involved breaking off my seven+ year relationship. While any disentanglement takes time, I am working through it.

Organizational Change

My need for order took over at a fundamental level this past September. As an easy way to reclaim order, I focused on my immediate surroundings. Specifically my house.

The order began with a purge of one cupboard after a trip to the grocery store. I re-organized the soup, pulling the cans from the back and discovering a few had gone well past their expiry dates. One shelf turned to several, until I’d completely purged my kitchen.

Next, I moved my focus to my closets. The front hall closet, which hasn’t closed properly in ages, has been tamed and organized. My walk-in closet is also much tidier. I have yet to tackle the guest room closet, but that work requires plaster and paint, and the re-installation of closet shelving. I can’t tackle a renovation right now.

In tandem, I’ve been working on the greater, structural aspects of my home. After months of waiting, I had my roof re-done. Three days of mess and noise, plus one hefty payment, and that task is done. The roofer recommended an eaves repair company, and after some minor repairs, they installed leaf guards. So I won’t be scrambling every fall to find someone to de-ickify my eaves.

After enduring the fiasco that is “getting a bunch of quotes”, I signed a snow-removal contract and enlisted the aid of a new housecleaning service, solving the issue of keeping my house clean and my driveway clear with a bum knee. As a bonus, these quotes produced leads on landscapers to deal with the gardening I didn’t/can’t get to. (My knee surgery just happened to coincide with the beginning of the 2015 gardening season.) I also tidied my shed and garage to make room for my vehicles for the impending winter.

Because…you know I have to say it…winter is coming!

Financial Change

On the financial front, I’ve recently endured a minor audit by the Canada Revenue Agency. They always seem to sense the absolute worst time to mail their letters to the unsuspecting.

I visited with a lawyer to update my will and powers of attorney. My children are at very different stages now than when I wrote up my last papers. Of course, the visit only opened my eyes to more details that need to be investigated and/or considered before the drafts can be drawn up. That means more phone calls, more meetings, blah, blah, blah.

As much as these sorts of matters make most of us feel uneasy, taking tiny steps feels good. Don’t wait. I’ve lost too many friends and relatives recently.

Spiritual Change

I’m not a devout person. I probably lean closer to an agnostic than an atheist, but I’m still, technically, a Christian. I’m not going to suddenly join a church, (a bit ironic, considering my last name) but I do feel as though I need something more. A deeper understanding of myself.

I’m certain my recent ends-in-a-zero birthday has contributed to my yearning for more. As does my change in physical ability. Meditation helps, so I’ve been doing more of it.

But introspection tends to be only half the recipe. I need to interact with others. And while the convention circuit, combined with my authorly appearances, helps somewhat, my knee limits the size and number of these activities. I need another outlet for socialization. Like a club, or volunteering. Cue the research, phone calls, list-making etc.

Final Thoughts

I am slowly growing my phoenix feathers out of the ash. One day, one hour, one phone call, one appointment at a time. I don’t much like being a metaphorical pile of ash, but it certainly beats the alternative.

Onwards and upwards…

Thoughts on Fan Expo 2015

For the first time in almost a decade, I didn’t attend DragonCon this year. Mostly because I couldn’t book a room at the Hyatt. Partly because of my knee injury/surgery/recovery.

Instead I attended Fan Expo in Toronto. This was the first time I embraced FanExpo in its entirety, renting a hotel, working at the HWA booth, speaking on multiple panels, the whole nine yards. In the past, the most I’ve done is drop by for a day to do a little shopping.

And shopping happened, believe me. New jacket and skirt FanExpo2015 miniCheck out my new jacket and skirt shown at right.

Many people behind the scenes with my local (Ontario) HWA Chapter pulled out all the stops to make the experience memorable.

Special shout-outs, firstly to Lou Rera who booked the booth for us, decorated it, and organized the schedule, all from another country (yep, Lou lives across the border in the USA).

Secondly to our dedicated chapter leader Séphera Girón who pitched three excellent panel topics for us to show our talents: So You Want to Write Horror?, What Scares You?, and The Next Big Thing in Horror.

The panels were well moderated by Richard S. Todd and well attended. I enjoyed spending those 50 minutes with my fellow panelists: Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Brian F.H. Clement, Séphera Girón, Nancy Kilpatrick, Brad Middleton, Lou Rera, Bill “Zombie Zak” Snider, and Julianne Snow. (Fingers crossed that I remembered every panelist!). We shared our thoughts, experiences, and horror knowledge.

Séphera also planned our Saturday evening get-together, giving us all a chance to talk shop.

My many shifts at the booth gave me a chance to meet readers and writers, talk about all things horror (and speculative fiction in general), and promote not only HWA, but also my 52 writing tips and NaNoWriMo to name only a few writing resources.

One of the best highlights came on Sunday when I met horror ICON George A. Romero.

Overall, FanExpo lived up to its expectations as Canada’s coolest, geekiest, shopping experience. Even though I enjoyed getting to know my fellow HWA chapter members, who I now consider my pals, I missed my DragonCon peeps, especially my fellow reporters for The Daily Dragon.

Next year, my convention dollars will probably go towards GenCon. I had to cancel my appearance at 2015 GenCon due to knee surgery recovery. I’ll probably miss DragonCon again in 2016, and that thought makes me melancholy. But new experiences help fill the writing well.

Onwards and upwards.

Proof I’m not ALL work and no play…

The summer is almost over and I’m really looking forward to spending Labour Day at FanExpo.

My schedule will remain on the Appearances Page until after the convention.

Lenny Kravitz sound check in Toronto. Photo by Mathiew BittonLenny Kravitz sound check in Toronto. Photo by Mathiew Bitton

Last night, I saw Lenny Kravitz at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. What an awesome, inspiring, musical extravaganza!

He only played 11 songs, but that’s because “Always on the Run” and “Let Love Rule” were extended by several amazing solos – guitar, sax, drum, keyboard, and even a stroll through the crowd during “Let Love Rule”

Here’s the playlist:

“Frankenstein” – the only song he played from his new album Strut  and probably my favourite from that album. I’ve only owned Strut  for a few weeks, and I’m still processing the awesome goodness contained within.

“American Woman” – best cover EVER, and a nice nod to us Canadians. This cover of the hit Guess Who  tune was originally released on the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me  soundtrack (a piece of trivia I didn’t know until today) and was added to the re-issue of the album 5  in 1999.

“It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over” – from the album Mama Said

“Dancin’ ‘Til Dawn” – from my favourite Lenny Kravitz album It Is Time for a Love Revolution. If you don’t own this album and you like Lenny Kravitz, go out and buy it. Right now. Seriously.

“Sister” – one of the 3 songs he played from the album Are You Gonna Go My Way

“Believe” – a crowd favourite from Are You Gonna Go My Way

“Always on the Run” – from Mama Said. This is song is such a classic Lenny Kravitz tune (in my opionion) and the solos were spectacular. I didn’t record them all, but the ones I did catch with my phone were by guitarist Craig Ross, trumpet player Ludovic Louis, and drummer Cindy Blackman Santana

“I Belong To You” – a truly soulful rendition, another song from the album 5

“Let Love Rule” – Another of my personal favourites of his, from the album Let Love Rule. If my knee wasn’t so messed up, I would’ve stood on my chair to watch him walk around the crowd for this one.

“Fly Away” – a great way to end the show (before the encore) the third song he played from 5

For the encore, the moment he strapped on the Gibson Flying V guitar I knew he was about to rock my socks off with “Are You Gonna Go My Way” and I was NOT disappointed! There’s a great Gibson interview of Lenny Kravitz here

From the playlist, if you’re looking to get to know Lenny Kravitz’s musical style, I’d recommend purchasing the albums Are You Gonna Go My Way and 5. Of course you can also pick up Lenny Kravitz: Greatest Hits which includes 8 of the songs from last night’s show.

The only song I was crushed he didn’t play is “Stand By My Woman Now” from the album Mama Said. Probably my number one LK song.

Kudos to the fabulous backing vocal trio. I did a couple of hours of research and was only able to dig up the names of two of the three talented singers: Jessie Wagner and YahZarah.